Vision and Mission


As a strong, democratic, and effective public sector labor organization that has united legitimate unions with committed and genuine workers, PGEA envisions a stronger and more collaborative environment for public sector unionism in the Philippines. We believe that only by recognizing workers’ rights can the government enhance its workforce and its performance of civil service.


Self-Sustenance, Democratic Dialogue, Competence, Effectiveness, Trust, Credibility, Solidarity, Legitimacy, Efficiency in Public Service, Commitment, Respect, Integrity, Progressiveness


PGEA aims to continue encouraging, and supporting effective government unions and leaders through organizing, education, and pioneering economic and political programs that meet the needs of government workers.

  • To build on existing affiliates, resources, and alliances with friendly organizations, both local and international.
  • To unite and reach out to a broader membership base, developing committed, selfless, genuine, and capable leaders who can empower fellow public workers.
  • To promote workers’ involvement and participation in different levels of workers’ organizations and representations in government agencies.


With the mission of PGEA in mind, we have formulated 3 basic objectives for every member and for the association as a whole:

  1. Unite workers, and protect and defend their rights and interests.
  2. Protect the welfare of the public through honest, efficient, and responsible public service.
  3. Provide development-based programs and services to government employees.